BRUNO Stainless Steel table pot 750 ml


Simple functions that are easy to use and a design that fits well on the dining table. A stainless steel tabletop pot that fits your daily life.

Discover the Stainless Steel Tabletop Pot, a sleek and functional addition to your dining table. Designed for everyday use, it boasts simple yet effective features that enhance your beverage experience. Easily pour drinks with the convenient lever mechanism, while the fluororesin interior ensures effortless cleaning. Its vacuum double structure maintains optimal temperature, and the wide-mouth design accommodates ice effortlessly. Remove the one-touch lid to use it as a coffee dripper, adding versatility to your daily routine. Upgrade your home dining experience with this compact and practical tabletop pot.

Brand:                        BRUNO

Capacity:                   0.75L

Weight approx.:       556g


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  • A tabletop pot with a simple design and color that fits well with your everyday dining table.
  • You can pour your drink by pressing the push lever on top of the handle and tilting it.
  • The lid can be easily removed by pressing the opening/closing lever at the top of the lid.
  • The wide mouth type allows you to easily fit large ice cubes.
  • The inside is vacuum double-layered to keep the temperature of your drink. Another point is that the fluorine coating prevents dirt and odors from sticking.
  • You can also remove the lid, set the coffee dripper, and use it as is. Maintains the temperature of drip coffee.
  • Comes with an illustrated package. Also recommended as a gift for those starting a new life.



Size (mm):                             98 (w) ×200 (h) × 145 (d)

Package size (mm):            125 (w) x 208 (h) x 125 (d)

Capacity:                               0.75L

Weight approx.:                   556g

Material/Components:       Inner bottle: Stainless steel (fluororesin coating); Body: Stainless steel; Lid/Inner bottle: Polypropylene/ABS resin; Handle/Spout: Polypropylene; Packing: Silicone rubber

Country of origin:                China

Heat retention effect:        66℃ or higher (10 hours), cold retention effect: 6℃ or lower (6 hours)

Note:                                       Do not use the dishwasher or dish dryer.


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