AQUAMATE Cooling Scarf – Button Hole design


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AQUAMATE Cooling Scarf

AQUAMATE  Cool Scarf - Made in Korea

Brings you coolness anytime and anywhere!

Just soak in cold water and ready to use in about 1 minute.

Beat the Heat!!!        Reduce Heat Related Incidents!!!

Conveniently designed for various outdoor and leisure activities, AQUAMATE Cool Scarf brings you coolness anytime and anywhere.

Ideal for various outdoor activities, such as , cycling, soccer, running, kayaking, volleyball, hiking, bush walking golf, camping, fishing, sports training, etc....

Reduce heat related incidents at your workplace.  Used by construction workers, gardeners, traffic controllers, kitchen workers, Warehouse workers, removalists, people working outside in the hot weather, etc...... (Do not use this when working close to machinery.)

Can be used for first aid applications to relief fevers, sprains, bee stings, etc....

When dipped into cold water, AQUAMATE cool Scarf expands by absorbing and trapping the water (Ready in about 1 minute). Together with the coolness of the water itself and also the natural evaporation of the trapped water, AQUAMATE Cool Scarf becomes a mobile cooling system providing continuous coolness in hot environments.

The design registered button hole application provides a comfortable fit together with convenient length adjustment.


Cooling scarf


1. Dip the scarf in cold water (fresh water only) for about 1 minute. AQUAMATE Cool Scarf will start absorbing water and expand. If the particles inside the scarf expand only in partial areas, evenly spread the expansion by pushing gently with hands.

2. After the scarf has fully expanded, wipe off the excessive water on the surface and wear the scarf around the neck or where desired.

3. Extra coolness can be acquired by using the scarf after keeping it in the refrigerator or an icebox.

4. If coolness decreases due to continuous body heat, take off and expose the scarf to fresh air for a short period of time to cool it down.

5. If the Expansion of the scarf decreases considerably after a certain time of continuous usage, simply apply more water. AQUAMATE Cool Scarf can be repeatedly used by completely drying it after each use.

6. For daily usage, it is recommended to rinse the scarf in clean water after each usage to wash away sweat and other impurities. Store the wet scarf inside a zipper bag and keep it inside the refrigerator (not freezer) for the next day.


1. Freezing or excessive pressure may burst the scarf.

2. Absorbing properties of the scarf will decrease or lead to non-function if the scarf is used with liquids other than fresh water. (eg. sea water, alcohol, etc.)

3. Ingredients are harmless to human or animals but, if skin problems occur, stop usage immediately and consult with a physician.

4. Ingredients are not edible. Don not consume or inhale the powder inside the scarf.

5. Colour from the scarf may stain on white clothes during long period of usage.

6. If not used for a long period of time, completely dry and store in vacuum-sealed condition or in a well ventilated place. When washing the scarf after each use and/or before storage, simply rinse with clean fresh water. If necessary, gently hand wash using neutral detergents only.

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