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Zojirushi SM-SC48 "One Touch Open" Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle 480ml



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  • Durable - stainless steel construction. 
  • Excellent hot / cold retention - Stainless steel vacuum insulation that Keeps beverages hotter / colder for longer than travel mugs 
  • Push Button Lid Cover - Push the button and release to open the lid cover with one hand.
  • Take-Apart Stopper - Stopper can be taken apart for thorough cleaning.
  • Safety Lock - To prevent the lid from opening accidentally.
  • Super Light & Thin design - Vacuum layer is only 1mm thick for lightweight insulation.
  • Easy Clean - Whole body washable. Can be rinsed out completely to keep clean.
  • Non-Stick Coating - Discoloration and odors won't Stick. (For SlickSteel polished stainless steel interior finish, see models SM-KHE48 or SM-YAF48)
  • BPA Free

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottles SM-SC36/48/60


Capacity480 ml / 0.48 L
Dimensions6.5cm x 7.0cm x 22.0cm
Weight205g / 0.205kg
Heat Retention87 oC @ 1hr / 71 oC @ 6hrs
Cold Retention8oC @ 6hr
Interior FinishesNon-Stick Coating

Best travel mug

The worst thing about these travel mug's is also they're best feature, the coffee never cools down!
I used them for the first time on the weekend and nearly gave myself third degree burns. I'm used to my old mug where the coffee had to be hotter than the sun otherwise it was cold an hour later. They're pricey but if you like your coffee hot, they're worth the money. The lock on the lid is a great feature also, guaranteed not to open up in your bag!

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