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Pearl Life Rust-Proof Iron Frying Pan

Pearl Life Rust-Proof Iron Frying Pan

Crafted with precision and care, our wok undergoes a cutting-edge nitrogen treatment process that enhances its durability, strength, and heat conductivity. Nitriding is a process where nitrogen is diffused into the surface of the metal, creating a hard, wear-resistant layer.

Combining the benefits of carbon steel with nitriding treatment result in a pan that is not only durable and excellent for heat conduction, like traditional carbon steel, but also more resistant to rust and wear. This is particularly advantageous in kitchen settings where pans are subjected to frequent use and exposure to moisture.

Nitriding is a well-established process in metallurgy, often used in industrial applications such as automotive and aerospace components. By incorporating this method into kitchenware, we elevate the performance and lifespan of carbon steel pans to new heights.

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